This Weekend

Besides hanging out with family this weekend, I went to the park, Gymboree, and brunch at Marie Calendar’s.

At the park we fed the ducks, went on the swings, played in the sand and grass, and slid down the giant slide with Dada.

I moved up to Level 4 at Gymboree.  This is good for Dada because he gets to sleep in longer.  Before, Gymboree was at 9 AM, now it is at 11 AM.

At Marie Calendar’s brunch I ate lots of different foods, but my favorite was the shredded cheese from the salad bar.

Be sure to check out all the new pictures in the latest album in the photo gallery.

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Uncle Brad Came to Visit!

My Uncle Brad came to town and I had so much fun with him.  He read me books and played in my pool with me.  I wish I could see him more often.



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Baby IPod

Mama’s friend, Sharon, gave me a baby IPod for my birthday and I really love it.  It has lots of good kid songs and I can quickly change it from Patty Cake to Muffin Man to Mary Had a Little Lamb.  I can also change the background on the screen.  Best of all, I can drop it and it still works!

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New Pool!

Mama and Dada got me this crazy thing for the backyard and they put water in it.  First, they made me put on a special diaper and this tight magenta suit.  Then they put all this sticky lotion on me.  We went to the backyard and my brother was playing with a hose and they plopped me down in the pool.

It was cold at first.  I’m used to warm baths.  Christian sprayed me with the hose and I was not happy.  Eventually he came in the pool with me!  I really liked the little slide and the spraying flower was not bad after I got used to it.  I played in there for awhile.  It was fun.  I can’t wait to do it again.

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Happy Hollow Zoo and Park

Today we went to Happy Hollow in San Jose.  It is a little zoo/amusement park.  It was okay, but, there was no elephants, zebras, lions, or giraffes.

I was able to hang out with goats.  Mama fed them and I watched.  I touched them a little bit.  I was a little scared of the pony and donkey, even though they were behind a fence.  There were some other weird animals there that we saw behind glass.

 Then we went over the merry-go-round.  At first I was a little nervous, but, after going around a few times i got the hang of it.  Everytime Mama and I passed by Dada, I yelled “Hi!”

I can’t wait to visit a bigger zoo, with more animals.

Check out more pictures of me at the zoo in the latest gallery of pictures!

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Memorial Day

As usual, I woke up at about 7:00 AM.  Momma had to come get me and we ate breakfast and watched Teletubbies, Boohbah, and Nursery Rhymes.  Momma tried to rest, but I just kept bonking her with my sippy cups and books.  At about 10:00 AM we went in to wake up Dadda.  It was weird because a few minutes later, while we were all sitting on the bed, they said, “Okay Carmen, it’s nap time for everyone.”

I thought, “Nap time?  Are they crazy?  I don’t take naps this early anymore.”  Oh well!  I put my head down, on the bed between them and we all took a nice, long nap.”

Later, Momma dressed me all in red-white-and-blue and we went to Chili’s.  Momma recommended the grilled cheese.  It was great.  I also had cinnamon apples.  I love apples, but these tasted a little weird.  I liked them and ate some more.  Soon, Momma freaked out because every part of my face that touched the cinnamon apples, was now red.  They washed me up and it was still red.  I guess cinnamon and I don’t mix well.

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San Francisco!

Today we went to San Francisco to go to a Giants game!  First we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s condo.  It was a long ride, but Momma and Dadda put on some cool kids music, so I was pretty good.  Some of the lyrics were a little weird.  The kids were singing about a brown jug, getting married to a young girl, loving a girl named Clementine, etc.

I really liked seeing Grandma and Grandpa.  Out their window you can see so many boats and a big bridge.  I really like the beaded coasters they have there.  I think they were from Aunt Anne and Uncle Al.

Then we got dressed for the baseball game.  Everyone thought it would be really cold, because it was a night game, and we brought lots of extra clothes.  I wore my new Giants sweatsuit and I was fine the whole game.  I looked sooooo cute.  People would stop and say “hi”.  Some of them thought I was a boy, especially when I was wearing my hair in a band.  I was pretty good the whole time.  Momma says 8 out of 10.

 We got back to the condo early.  At about 10, Momma and Dadda said it was time for bed.  I thought this was weird because we weren’t home.  They put me in my PJ’s and placed me in the playpen that I used as a bed when I used to sleep in their bedroom.  They were being ridiculous.  How could they expect me to sleep in that thing?  Stretched out, I only fit diagonally.

I was not happy.  Eventually Momma and Dadda went to bed, too.  Dadda tried to read, but the light kept me up.  I kept calling out for them.  “Momma??  Dadda??  Hi Kitty, hi kitty”  No response so I laid down and went to sleep. 

After tossing and turning most of the night, I awoke at 6:30 AM.  Momma got up with me we played on the bed a little bit.  At 7:00 AM we went to watch a DVD.  Shortly after, Grandma and Grandpa came out.  Grandma made delicious french toast for breakfast.  We hung out a while and then went to visit Baba in Palo Alto.

Baba danced with me a bit.  She is so silly!  I like to look at her Bridge books. 


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Friday night, Momma asked if I wanted to have some pizza for dinner.


 Of course I want pizza.  I went over to the oven and said, “Pizza?”

 Instead of giving me pizza, they packed up my diaper bag and took me out to the car.

On the way there, we saw our new neighbors across the street.  Brandon is only a week or two older than me.  he was very polite and said “Thank You”. 

They put me in the car…I was very upset.  I thought we were having pizza?!

We drove awhile and ended up at Pizza California.  There we had some delicious pizza.  I also tried Ranch dressing for the first time.  It was tasty!


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Grocery store, again

Momma thinks she knows it all and decided to try the grocery store again.  After chasing me around Longs, we went to Savemart.  She put me in the cart and buckled it really tight.  Then she went straight to the baby food aisle and grabbed a container of veggie puffs.  Then she offered me some.  I was pretty good until the end, when I saw Momma choose some apple fruit snacks from the shelf.  Who wants veggie puffs, when there are sweet fruit snacks?  Lucky for Momma I was distracted by the bagger and quickly forgot all about them.

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New Shoes!

Momma went to a sale at Mervyn’s yesteray and bought me 2 pairs of new shoes.  The sandals are my favorite.  Of course it was too cold today to wear them.  The other pair are red converse high tops.  I’m not too crazy about these because they have laces and I’m not good at untieing those.

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